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2024 Candidates for PA
Attorney General, Treasurer, & Auditor General  

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Pennsylvania's Executive Branch Officials 

Pennsylvania's executive branch is headed by the Governor and Lt. Governor who are elected on the same ticket.  The PA Attorney General, Auditor General, and Treasurer are also elected by state voters, and will be on the ballot in 2024.

There are many other statewide administrative offices, like Secretary of Education, and Secretary of Labor & Commerce,  who are not elected.  They are nominated by the Governor and approved by the State Senate, much like cabinet members and appointed officials in the US government.
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Pennsylvania's Elected Executive Branch Officials
Attorney General 

The basic duties of the Attorney General are to serve as the Commonwealth’s chief law enforcement officer; collect all debts, taxes, and accounts due to the Commonwealth; represent the Commonwealth and all its agencies in any action brought by or against the Commonwealth; administer the provision relating to consumer protection laws; and represent the Commonwealth and its citizens in any action brought about for violation of the antitrust laws.  These duties are outlined in the Commonwealth Attorneys Act.

for Attorney General

Democratic Candidate

DePasquale 2024
Eugene DePasquale

Republican Candidate

Dave Sunday

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PA Attorney General Mini-guide
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State Treasurer 

The Pennsylvania Treasurer has the job of safeguarding the Commonwealth’s financial assets, which total more than $160 billion in public monies. The office manages several programs in order to better serve the financial needs of Pennsylvanians. The Treasury Department is also responsible for: reuniting unclaimed property with its rightful owner; investigating loss, theft, and fraud involving Commonwealth checks; reviewing real estate leases and contracts entered into by Commonwealth agencies; and maintaining the Pennsylvania contracts electronic library. The Treasurer has specific duties in addition to the oversight of the Department: serving as chair of the Board of Finance and Revenue, which selects banks to serve as depositories for state money; setting interest rates paid on Commonwealth deposits; and hearing and deciding state tax appeals.

for Treasurer

Democratic Candidate

McClelland 2024
Erin McClelland

Republican Candidate 

Garrity 2024
Stacy Garrity

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PA Treasurer Mini-guide
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Auditor General 
The Auditor General determines whether state funds are being used in accordance with the purpose and guidelines that govern each use of the Commonwealth’s dollars.  The Auditor General conducts financial and performance audits of individuals, state agencies, and organizations that receive state funds, including school districts, state liquor stores, and public employee pension funds. These audits are designed to measure how effectively government programs are using public money to meet their stated goals and objectives. The office performs more than 6,000 audits each year and is responsible for auditing all Pennsylvania state programs that are allocated federal funds.

for Auditor General

Democratic Candidate

Kenyatta 2024

Malcolm Kenyatta

Republican Primary 

DeFoor 2024
Tim DeFoor

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PA Auditor General Mini-guide
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All Candidates Were Invited to participate in our Vote411 Voters' Guide. 

Information found on Vote411 and in the mini-guides is provided by the candidates and has not been altered or edited in any way.  Candidates may update their responses at any time.  Check for any updates made after our print deadline. 

Voters' Guide information includes campaign email, website, and social media links along with responses to our survey questions.


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