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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Download the "Facts for Citizens" Directory here.

Facts for Citizens 2022

Welcome to the League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh!

"Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy."

The League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh announces our

Fall Program Kickoff

 Thursday evening, September 29 at 6:30 pm 

Speakers from the Allegheny Land Trust and the Churchill Tree Committee will discuss efforts to preserve green space and tree canopy in the county. 

The Kickoff is also a great opportunity to meet LWV of Greater Pittsburgh members and hear from the Board about all of our civic education projects, volunteer opportunities and events for the coming year.  Find more information about this in-person event at the link below.

This program is sponsored by LWVPGH and is open to the public.

Join us and bring a friend!

Please register using this link.  

September Kickoff Meeting


November 8th
is Election Day.

Polls Open In...
Polls Open In...

Download Essential Information for the November Election:

When will ballots be available?  Has your polling place changed?  How many voters have requested mail-in ballots?  Will there be drop-boxes? ...

You can receive weekly email updates from the Allegheny County Elections Board during election seasons by subscribing here: 
  Subscribe to "Allegheny Votes" Newsletter
How Do You Plan to Vote This Year?

If you're planning to...

  • vote in person, visit our Make a Plan to Vote page for detailed information.  
  • vote by mail or
  • vote "over the counter," find more information on our Mail-in Voting page.

Did you know there are 3 ways to vote in Pennsylvania?  See our explainer. -->

Direct Link:

Are you planning to Vote by Mail?

  • You can request your ballot now.  
  • The request deadline is Nov 1.
  • Did you already apply for a mail-in or absentee ballot?  Track it here:   

 PA Ballot Tracker

Learn more about the mail-in process in the "Life and Times of a PA Mail-in Ballot" infographic. -->

Direct link:

Are You Ready to Vote?

Check Your PA Voter Registration Status Here -->
 Check Voter Registration

Did You Know...?   Your voter registration is "use it or lose it."  If you are registered but haven't voted in a few years, your registration can  become INACTIVE, or even CANCELED.  Check your registration now to be sure it is ACTIVE.   If it is INACTIVE or CANCELED, register again before October 24th to vote in the Election on November 8th.

Find much more voter information on our Make a Plan to Vote and Mail-in Voting  pages.
Pennsylvania has a new Voter Registration Form: 

The new form gives voters the option to request a mail-in ballot when registering to vote.   

At the League of Women Voters, we've helped a lot of voters to register, and we've heard a lot of questions about the registration forms.  We try to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions on our overview of the new registration form, and these other commonly used forms.

Download the new paper Voter Registration Form from

The older version of the form is no longer available at, but is still being accepted.


See the new PA Voter Registration & Mail-in Ballot Application with our answers to Frequently Asked Questions

new Voter Reg & Mail-in Ballot App FAQs

Direct link:


Still working with a stack of old paper apps? We are! The old version is still accepted.

old PA Voter Registration App FAQs

Direct link:



And download our FAQs for the standalone Mail-in Ballot Application here:

Mail-in Ballot Application FAQs

Direct link:


Meet the Candidates on Your Ballot
Vote411 is Live! 

Enter your address here to view ALL of the districts and candidates on your ballot. 



The mini-guides are back.
   Mini-guides provide all of the Vote411 candidate information for individual races in a  printable format, including:

  • Answers to our candidate survey 
  • New district descriptions
  • Website, email, and social media info for each candidate

Mini-Guides are located on our 2022 Election pages.

Visit our '22 Election pages to find new district and candidate information and download the mini-guides for your races. 
Who will you choose:

To represent you in Harrisburg
PA State Legislative Races

To represent you in Washington, DC
US Senate and Congress Races

For Pennsylvania's Executive branch
PA Governor & Lt. Governor


This map shows the two US Congressional districts that represent Allegheny County. Members of the US House of Representatives serve two-year terms, and all seats are up for reelection in 2022.


This map shows the PA State Senate districts for Allegheny County. Pennsylvania has 50 State Senators who serve four-year terms. In 2022, the 25 senatorial seats in even-numbered districts are up for election. In 2024, the odd-numbered seats will be up for election.


This map shows the PA State House of Representatives districts for Allegheny County. Pennsylvania has 203 State Representatives who serve two-year terms. All 203 seats are up for election in 2022.


How Does PA Government Work?

Get an overview before you vote by exploring our Pennsylvania Government pages:

LWV Response to the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization striking down Roe v. Wade.

LWVUS Statement of Position on Public Policy on Reproductive Rights,

as announced by the National Board, January 1983:

"The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that public policy in a pluralistic society must affirm the constitutional right of privacy of the individual to make reproductive choices."

Read the LWVPA response to the decision   

Read the LWVUS response to the decision  here

The LWVUS joined an amicus brief in support of the Jackson Women's Health Organization,  which you can read here

What Happens to your Ballot Before and After You Vote? 
Follow the Journey of an Official PA Ballot in this New Video. 

"Behind the Scenes" Journey of an Official Election BALLOT  

You go to your polling place, mark your ballot, feed it into the scanner, and then what????

This 15-minute video presentation follows the "Behind the Scenes" journey of an Official Election Ballot in Pennsylvania, and helps to counter the mis- and dis-information that sometimes color our elections.  Learn more about Advanced Preparation, Election Day, Tallying the Vote, and Verifying the Vote.  See the final slides for a list of additional resources.
We invite you to share this important information and learn more about the built-in security and safeguards that have developed over time to safeguard election integrity.


Learn more on our Elections in PA page.

Read our Member Blogs - Our members are writing about climate news, election views, and book reviews.

(Members -- you may add comments to blog posts if you are logged into the website. )

Recent Blogs
Climate Crisis Report
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Thinking About Elections
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