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Voter Resource Library

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Find INFOGRAPHICS, videos, and documents about Elections, Voting, and
 Government with BONUS resources for teachers and students under "Civic Education Classrooms"

Our original resources may be copied and distributed, unaltered, with attribution to

the League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh.

Browse the Library or click on a short link below:

 This symbol indicates specific information about Allegheny County voting and elections.
 This symbol indicates STATEWIDE infographics or documents helpful for voting and elections and/or understanding Pennsylvania government.
Look for the link to the
County Elections Office finder within the infographic.
 This symbol indicates information for Any Citizen, and/or raises a citizen's Civics IQ.


ELECTIONS AND VOTING (League of Women Voters website)
A few weeks before each election, type in your address and view the candidates who will be on your ballot.  If candidates have answered three questions from the League of Women Voters, you will be able to compare their answers side-by-side, and link to the candidates' websites, if provided. You can even create your own personalized ballot list that will be emailed to you before an election.
Make the most of ALL of the features of Vote411! en Espanol       

Click on this INFOGRAPHIC to... Make the Most of Vote411
Copy ts link to share: .  View LWVEF videos here.

Redistricting UPDATE:

Not sure what redistricting is? How districts are drawn determine where we vote and who we can vote for! Here’s a quick intro to redistricting, gerrymandering, and the importance of fair maps from LWVUS!  

Be a voice in your community and demand #FairMaps that represent us all!

Time-Sensitive Infographic: Redistricting and Reapportionment in PA
Have you heard about the redistricting or new "voting district maps" that are being drawn in Pennsylvania? 
Learn more here:
     Redistricting and Reapportionment in PA

Please copy this link to share the Allegheny County infographic :
Please copyis link to share the statewide infographic: www.lwvpgrg/docs.ashx?id=843707


 Nov. 2021 MUNICIPAL ELECTION "Get Ready to Vote". View digitally or print as Rack Card.
Ready to Vote Card Nov '21

 "Be Heard"  infographic for to students and new voters.  View it digitally, printed as a front and back postcard or printed as a one- page flyer.   

Be Heard Digital
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Be Heard Front    
   Be Heard Back     


 "Voter Registration" infographic Online or with a Paper Application.
Voter Registration App
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The Voter Registration TUTORIAL -- all a citizen needs to know to register to vote.    
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Tutorial Voter Registration STATEWIDE
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 18th Birthday Card US Gold

PA Voter Registration App-4 pages

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Line-by-line INSTRUCTIONS printedVoter Registration APPLICATION-

Voter Registration App Line-by-line
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Line-by-line Instructions for ONLINE or 
PAPER application.  
Voter Reg App Instructions
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 (PA) Share with the 18-year-olds in your life.  
18th Birthday Card PA
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(US) Share across US.
18th Birthday Card US
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 The "Why Vote" TUTORIAL will help young folks and citizens of any age sort through why participation is so essential for a healthy democracy and will help them to discover the POWER of their vote. 
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 "Cynicism" takes away the POWER of active, informed citizens to participate in free and fair elections--a critical function of our democracy.
Cynicism vs JQ Citizen
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 "Founding Principles" makes clear why voting is an essential part of our democracy.

Find and the Election Protection Coalition contact information here.
Founding Principles
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"Life and Times of a Pennsylvania MAIL-IN Ballot" infographic
   Life and Times

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for both ONLINE  
and PAPER APPLICATION for your Mail-in/Absentee Ballot.  

No Excuse Mail-in APP

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 Link to Mail-in Voting page for more information.  

for both ONLINE  
Mail-in/Absentee Ballot.  
Instructions for Mail-in Ballot APPLICATION

"Annual Mail-in Request". Confused about the "Annual Mail-in Request" option and the "Permanent List"? 
Annual Ballot Request
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Annual Ballot Request STATEWIDE
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Voters must correctly Complete and Return Mail-in/Absentee Ballots.  
Completing and Returning Your Mail-in Ballot

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Find step-by-step INSTRUCTIONS to correctly complete the Mail-in/Absentee Ballot accurately and return it on time.
Line-by-line Instructions for Completing the Mail-in Ballot
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This TUTORIAL answers questions about Mail-in Voting in Pennsylvania.    
Mail-in Voting  TUTORIAL
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"Make A Plan to Vote at Your Polling Place" and find approved forms of ID required in Pennsylvania  when voting the first time in a polling place.
Make a Plan to Vote
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"Know Your Rights on Election Day" Infographic-specific information and resources  for in-person voting  including Election Protection Coalition information 
Know Your Rights Digital
Know Your Rights Printed
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Know Your Right Word pdf
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If you observe voter intimidation, want to report problems, or ask for help call Election Protection Coalition. Every eligible citizen has the Right to Vote!

Election Protection Coalition Poster
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When should you ask for a Provisional Ballot?  This comprehensive infographic was created by students from the City of Bridges High School! Never leave a Polling Place without voting!
Provisional Ballot
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The "New Voting Options in Pennsylvania" describes three ways to cast votes.New Voting Options- Digital
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New Voting Options- One page
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How to Pick a Candidate helps you make an informed choice.
How to PICK a Candidate
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Democracy Time reminds voters to "give time" to the election officials to count every legal vote.
Democracy Time
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OneVoter-One Vote explains the security of your ballot.
One Voter-One Vote Digital
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One Voter-One Voter-Printable Poster

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PARTICIPATE and Make Government WORK for YOU!


The "Fact or Fiction" infographic with two linking resource documents gives tools to counter MISINFORMATION.
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9 ways to be a more Active and Involved Citizen.
      9 Ways
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"Facts for Citizens" is a directory of election information and government officials for residents of Allegheny County.  
Facts for Citizens 2021 Digital   Copy link to  share:

This sample script to deliver your message.
Contact Your Elected Officials
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Contact Elected Officials Statewide
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Our Pennsylvania General Assembly (our STATE government) explained.
Harrisburg 101
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Interested in Tracking a Bill in Harrisburg?
Find all you need to know in this comprehensive infographic and GET TRACKING!
      Tracking a Bill
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Learn more about Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System.  
   PA Judicial System
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Check out our source: 
Confused by the number of "Petitions" you have been asked to sign, or do you want to circulate a petition for a candidate or ballot measure? 
Petitions in PA- Allegheny County
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Petitions in Pennsylvania- Statewide
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Can citizens come together and find COMMON GROUND? See this infographic for more.
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So many labels  flood our public spaces.  Test yourself on what these "LABELS" really mean.
What Do Labels Mean
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 "Understanding Elections" reviews why we need government, types and number of elections, the major political parties and the Presidential Election.
Understanding Elections
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 Fact or Fiction infographic:
     To separately share linked RESOURCE document #1--(iCivics definitions and lesson) please copy this link:
     To separately share linked RESOURCE document #2--( please copy this link:

For even more resources:
 RESOURCES FOR CIVICS EDUCATION--this document provides reliable websites, lessons, and more, compiled by the Civics Education team.  It can be a companion to the FACT OR FICTION INFOGRAPHIC and supporting documents.
      View or Download

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 Walk-through the LWVPGH WEBSITE.
5 Reasons to USE Website
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 What qualities are needed to be a League member? Not for women only--open to anyone 16 years old and older.
Recipe for a League Member
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LWVPGH Membership Flyer
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 Learn about PROGRAM and the grassroots, bottom-up process of STUDY and CONSENSUS to arrive at League of Women Voters POSITIONS. See the "Glossary" (right).
LWV Program Cycle
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 All terms defined.
Glossary of League Terms
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VIDEOS from the League of Women Voters US  here .    
 League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh's YOUTUBE page can be found  HERE . They include WQED's "Campaign U" videos,

Franco Harris videos, Candidate Forums and more.




On October 26, 2021, the Civic Education Team shared their High School Outreach presentation
to the general membership--with a unique twist. 


League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh
If you are a League member interested in starting your own
High School Voter Outreach program or if you would like to download the resources we use,
please click here to view or download 
Please copy this link to share:


 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: The League of Women Voters is an organization fully committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in principle and in practice.  
DEI Definitions
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 PART 1:  Who has the POWER?  OurUS government is DIVIDED (between Federal and State) and SEPARATED  (into three branches).  See Part 2: Checks and Balances.
Power PART 1
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 PART 2:  See the the CHECKS and BALANCES among the THREE BRANCHES of government-- Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.  
See Part 1: Power, Power Who's Got the Power.
PART 2 Checks and Balances
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 As a citizen, do you know all of your Constitutional rights?  Here is your chance to celebrate the 229th birthday of the most central and essential element of our democracy!
Bill of Rights
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This STUDENT HANDOUT for in-person voting clearly lists acceptable ID requirements.   Voter ID is required only for first-time voters and citizens who are voting the first-time in a polling place.
Make a Plan Handout
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 Do you know all of your Constitutional rights?  Here is your chance to celebrate the 229th birthday of the most central and essential element of our democracy!iCivics Lesson Bill of Rights
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 RESOURCES FOR CIVICS EDUCATION--provides reliable websites, lessons, and more. It can be a companion to the "Fact or Fiction" infographic and supporting documents.  
Resources for Civic Education
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       iCivics Lesson NewsFeed Defenders
To view, download or share this lesson, please use this link


The League of Women Voters has always advocated on behalf of ballot access, fair election law, and issues of
transparency and good government. In 2021, the LWVPA will focus on four issues
in the Pennsylvania General Assembly.
See more here.

ELECTIONS in Pennsylvania:

"For over a century, the League of Women Voters has fought to protect the rights of eligible voters and expand access for those who have been left out of our democratic process. To that end, LWVPA supports effective election laws that ensure that elections are accessible, trasparent, fair, secure, and recountable, promote universal voter participation, and provide voters with meaningful choices when they go to the polls."

See more here.

Pennsylvania's STATE COURT System:

Pennsylvania has a unified court system that is

designed to handle the wide variety of cases

that arise in the state. Cases begin in the

lower courts and may be appealed all the way

up to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

See more here.