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League in the Community

Events participation

Where our League has been visible lately.

Voter registration

Happily anticipating registering newly naturalized citizens at the Heinz History Center on June 21, left to right: Julie Gatti, Cris Graham, Kathy Scheuble, Linda Philpott, Rachael Heisler, and Joan Cucinotta. Not pictured, taking photo: Angeles Stiteler.

Registering voters in the blazing sun at the June 29th Juneteenth Festival were, left to right: D.J. Oshry, Peg Rosenzweig, Mollie Rosenzweig, Linda Philpott, Carol Thomson, Bart Rack, Maureen Grosheider, Cris Graham, and Elliott Oshry.

The leadership team at the two Penn Center naturalization ceremonies on July 10: Linda Clautti, first speaker; Judy Diorio, team leader for both ceremonies; and Arlene Levy, second speaker.

Rounding out the July 10 Penn Center crew that registered new citizens to vote were Katherine Keith, Nancy Mott, Maripat Kwaczala. Missing was photographer, Kathy Scheuble.

Linda Clautti addresses the first group of newly sworn in citizens on July 10 about the League and registering to vote.

Arlene Levy addresses the second group of newly sworn in citizens on July 10 about the League and registering to vote.

Candidate Forums

Barbara Grover and Emily Ferri serve as LWV timers at the B-PEP forum for Pittsburgh Districts 7 & 9, Tues., April 30 at the Homewood Community Engagement Center.

Moderator Annette Shimer questioned seven of ten candidates for the Bethel Park School Board on May 2.

A large, attentive crowd attended the Bethel Park School Board forum at the Bethel Park Community Center.

A happy pair of timers at the Bethel Park School Board forum: Marin Beuger and Terri Greenberg

Maureen Grosheider moderated the Fox Chapel Area School Board forum on May 7. Six of the nine candidates participated.

Sorting questions at the Fox Chapel forum were Nancy Mott, Arlene Levy, and Cheryl Towers from our co-sponsor, AAUW Fox Chapel Area Branch.

Moderator Annette Shimer, on the right, questions ten candidates for the Plum School Board on May 13 at the Plum Community Center.

Four candidates vie for the position of Judge for the Court of Common Pleas, moderated by Eileen Olmsted on the right, on May 15 at CCAC Allegheny Center.

League videographer Doug Spindler and League timers Cris Beuger and Ellie Siegal are attentively engaged at the Common Pleas/County-at-Large forums on May 15

Other Events

Ellie Siegal, Deb Simak, Maria Magone (Team Leader), David Carlisle, and Carolyn Reed were invited to Moorhead Tower on May 2 to demonstrate the voter information system to the residents.

Thumbs Up for a great LWVPA Convention in Reading, PA, June 21-23: Front: Nancy Naragon, Annette Shimer. Back, Eileen Olmsted, Maureen Mamula, Judy Clack, Don Naragon, Terrie Griffin, Preston Shimer. Elected to the State Board were LWVGP members Cris Beuger, Terrie Griffin, Eileen Olmsted, and Don Naragon.

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment in Pennsylvania granting women the right to vote on June 24, 2019: LWVGP President Maureen Mamula, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, and LWVPA Co-President Terrie Griffin.

Marching in the Juneteenth celebration of the passage of the 13th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution are, left to right: Barbara Grover, Zack Frenchek, Jo Schlesinger, Ruth Quint (Team Leader), Representative Conor Lamb, Jane Louik, Allan Willlinger, Linda West. Others marching with LWVGP were Jen Frenchek, Deborah Knox, and Mark Willoughby.